20oz Steaming Pitcher


20oz Steaming Pitcher

The Toroid Pitcher has a patent-pending shape that creates perfect milk flows and amplifies available steam. It's easy to see the milk circulating evenly on all sides for visual feedback. The shape and the flow encourage the techinqques baristas need to create microfoam - bubbles so small they're practically invisible.

  • The large handle keeps your hand cool, and away from the pitcher wall. And with six welds, it is safe and secure, even under the heaviest use.
  • Fill lines make it easy to repeat your recipe, and reduce waste. They are like a ruler for your milk, easy to read both inside and out.
  • The sharper spout draws milk and milk foam together, so you can pour with greater detail than ever before.

100% Stainless Steel Construction
20 oz Capacity

Our Price: $ 29.95