10" Finex Cast Iron Grill Pan

Finex Cast Iron Cookware Co.

10" Finex Cast Iron Grill Pan

An evenly heated grill pan makes for better tasting meals.
Cast iron is at its best when retaining and transferring heat and the 10” grill pan is no exception. Unlike less substantial grill pans that may cool off and require re-heating when cold ingredients are added, this pan stays hot. That means it does a better job balancing out high temperature variations. Beef, chicken, fish and vegetables are cooked through more evenly creating consistent flavors and textures that result is tastier meals.

Grills food the way it was meant to be grilled.
This handy piece of cookware was inspired by solidly crafted vintage grill pans but re-engineered to meet modern expectations. When FINEX set out to make this grill pan, they made sure to design it with extra-wide and extra-deep grill ribs patterned after commercial BBQ grates. The result is rich foods drain better and it’s easier for the cook to avoid unintended frying.This is especially important for those who enjoy cooking expensive cuts of meat.

Quality materials add up to a superior grill pan.
The FINEX 10” Grill Pan is constructed from high quality materials including premium cast iron, polished brass and stainless steel then hand assembled to exacting standards. They carefully machine and polish the top of every grill rib to minimize sticking and make for easier cleaning. As with all FINEX cookware, each grill pan is hand seasoned using natural organic flax seed oil – an important finishing touch that allows it to last years and age gracefully.

  • True BBQ-Width Grill Ribs.
  • Easy Release Polished Grilling Surface.
  • Safe for All Cook Tops, Ovens and Grills.
  • Quick Cooling Polished Stainless Steel Spring Handle.
  • Handmade in the United States and Pre-Seasoned with Natural Flax Seed Oil.

Weight: 8 lbs.
Size: 18.25" x 11.8" x 3"

Our Price: $ 175.00