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Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes Photos

Whatever your level of expertise in the kitchen, you will always learn something new and exciting at Spoon & Whisk´s Cooking School. We’ve earned a reputation for world-class instruction by offering culinary expertise from our talented, local award-winning chefs and instructors.

One of our cooking school goals is for you to be able to re-create at home what you learn here. We encourage you to sign up early so that you have your choice of classes. Each class includes a copy of the recipes and a meal of the foods prepared. Please review our Registration and Policy Information at the bottom of this page.

Chef Biographies

 · Chef Elizabeth Barbone · Chef Sue Hatalsky · Chef Michael Hinrichs · Chef Ben Kozloski · 
 · Chef Patrick Longton · Chef Louis Maggiore · Chef Patrick Mannato · 
 · Chef Gabriel Pollow · Chef Leah Stein · Chef Suvir Saran · 
 · Chef Hayley Miller · Chef Dan Spitz · Patti Fortuna-Stannard · 

Cooking Class Schedule

Sheet Pan Suppers***THIS CLASS IS FULL***

Tues, May 12, 7 pm

Master the art of combining protein, vegetable, starch, and oil to make any meal complete by using one pan—the sheet pan! This versatile kitchen item can make an entire meal from appetizer through dessert and Chef Joe Marosek will teach us just how easy it can be.
Pork Saltimbocca with Roasted Onions & Potatoes; Roast Salmon with Fresh Corn & Poblanos; Chicken with Roasted Vegetables; Texas Chocolate Sheet Pan Cake
Instructor: Chef Joe Marosek

Rustic Italian

Thurs, May 14, 7 pm

Tonight we return to our Italian roots as we dust off the family recipes of old. These dishes have been handed down from generation to generation, maintaining the flavors our great-grandmothers intended. They are easy, simple, and satisfying!
Menu: Traditional Bolognese; Spinach & Ricotta Gnocchi; Anise & Currant Biscotti
Instructor: Chef Chef Dan Spitz

Duck, Duck, No Goose ** THIS CLASS IS FULL **

Wed, May 20, 7 pm

If there’s one ingredient that makes every chef drool, it’s duck. Duck confit is one of the many delicacies enjoyed the world over. Tonight, push aside your worries about cooking this type of bird and see how easy it is to prepare and enjoy a true flavor-rich culinary delight.
Menu: Duck Confit Bruschetta; Duck Sausage with Wild Mushroom & Wine Sauce; Friseè Salad with Warm Duck Bacon Vinaigrette; Pan Seared Duck Breast with Dried Cherry Foie Gras & Roasted Potatoes
Instructor: Chef Patrick Mannato

Spring Flowers Cake Decorating

Tues, May 26, 7 pm

April showers bring in May flowers! Chef Leah Stein of Leah’s Cakery shares with us the tricks of the trade using frosting for decorative designs. Master the art of making beautiful flowers to top the best spring cake and cupcakes, sure to make everyone desire the piece with extra flowers!
Menu: Frosting & Decorating Techniques Using Different Tips & Frosting Colors; Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
Instructor: Chef Leah Stein

Spring Into Summer ***RESCHEDULED: NEW DATE TBD***


Join us as we spring into summer with Chef Dan Spitz. Tonight it’s time to welcome warmer days with fresh, delicious favorites. Learn how to home-cure an egg yolk to enjoy in radish salad, and make a Spring risotto with seven green vegetables and herbs.
Menu: Risotto Verde with Seven Vegetables and Herbs; Shaved Asparagus Salad with Lemon Oil and Parmesan; Roasted Radish Salad with Radish Salsa Verde & Cured Egg
Instructor: Chef Dan Spitz

Cheese Board Basics

Tues, June 2, 7 pm

Set your table set with a beautiful, edible centerpiece when you entertain! Chef Joe Marosek is ready to teach us the basics when it comes to assembling a perfectly balanced cheese board. He’ll cover proper storage, serving temperatures, and food safety when it comes to many varieties of cow, goat, fresh, and aged cheeses.
Menu: Assorted Fresh Market and Artisan Cheeses; Pairings of Fruits, Nuts, Crackers, Olives, & Cured Meats
Instructor: Chef Joe Marosek

Pasta 101***THIS CLASS IS FULL***

Wed, June 10, 7 pm

Have you always wanted to make fresh homemade pasta? Tonight is your lucky night! Join us as Chef Ben Kozloski teaches us the art of crafting fresh homemade pasta, the proper cooking of dried pasta, and correct sauce pairings. Once you taste fresh, you may never buy boxed pastas again.
Menu: Techniques for Creating & Drying Homemade Pasta; Ravioli, Carbonara, Bolognese, & Cappelletti
Instructor: Chef Ben Kozloski

Classic Pub Fare

Tues, June 16, 7 pm

Whether you are cozied up next to the brick wall near a roaring fire or seated at the dark mahogany bar chatting it up with the bloke seated next to you, chances are you will be enjoying a good pint of brew and a hearty meal. Chef Gabe Pollow is ready to showcase the classic dishes you will find in any respectable pub.
Menu: Bangers & Mash; Poutine; Pulled Pork Sliders with Apple Slaw; Meatloaf & Bacon Wrapped Wellingtons
Instructor: Chef Gabe Pollow

Around the World in 5 Meatballs ***THIS CLASS IS FULL***

Thurs, June 18, 7 pm

Who knew one could travel the world through the flavor of a meatball? This little sphere of goodness can take on any personality: Italian, Swedish, Mexican, and more. Chef Patrick Mannato is ready to unveil all the hidden flavors this culinary chameleon has to offer!
Menu: Nona’s Italian Meatballs with Sausage, Beef, & Ricotta; North African Meatballs with Lamb, Feta, Mint, & Harissa Tomato Jam; Scandinavian Meatballs with Lamb, Veal, Earthy Spices, and Crème Fraiche; Vietnamese Meatballs with Lemon Grass, Sesame Chicken, & Chile-Garlic Sauce; Mexican Meatballs with Beef, Bacon, Chorizo, & Chipotle
Instructor: Chef Patrick Mannato

Not Your Average Joe

Tues, June 23, 7 pm

Not only is our favorite morning beverage great for waking us up, it is also a fantastic ingredient that can entice rich flavors when used in dry rubs, brines and for braising. Coffee is the perfect companion to chocolate too. Tonight, Chef Joe Marosek will inspire you to add coffee to more than just your morning mug.
Menu: Greek Yogurt with Coffee-Fig Compote; Coffee Bacon Sandwich with Goat Cheese & Bibb Lettuce; Dry-Rub for Tri-Tip Steak; Coffee Braised Ribs; Pot du Crème with Chocolate, Chili, & Espresso; Affogatto
Instructor: Chef Joe Marosek

Calling All Condiments

Wed, July 1, 7 pm

It’s barbeque season and what could make your burgers, dogs, and just about anything more delicious? Homemade toppings! That’s right, you can make your own ketchup and mustard and Chef Ben Kozloski is going to teach you how. Make your barbeque the best in the neighborhood!
Menu: French Fries & Ketchup with Ketchup Variations; Kielbasa with Dijon Mustard, Beer Mustard; BBQ Sauce; Chimichurri Sauce & Marinade with Steak; Chipotle Honey Mustard
Instructor: Chef Ben Kozloski

German Fare ***THIS CLASS IS FULL***

Tues, July 7, 7 pm

Every true German festival includes great beer and full, family-style tables. Strangers quickly become friends as they enjoy great music while filling their plates with traditional fare. Make friends with your neighbor tonight while Chef Joe Marosek shares cuisine from Deutschland and we cheer to good Health! “Ziche, Zacke, Ziche, Zacke, Hoi, Hoi, Hoi!”
Menu: Classic Sauerbraten; Semmelknodel (Bread Dumplings); Apple Strudel
Instructor: Chef Joe Marosek

Savory Desserts

Thurs, July 9, 7 pm

When it comes to desserts or snacks, you’re in one of two camps—Team Sweet or Team Savory. Tonight we give the savory folks their turn as Chef Patrick Mannato prepares his take on delicious desserts with a savory side.
Menu: Whiskey-Bacon Cookies with Pecans and Maple Sugar; Rosemary Cornmeal Short Cake with Espresso Balsamic Strawberries; Lemon-Thyme Apple Strudel with Salted Ginger Caramel Sauce; Gluten-Free Chocolate-Chile Cakes with Yogurt Frosting
Instructor: Chef Patrick Mannato

Brunch Bunch

Tues, July 14, 7 pm

Summer weekends lend themselves to sleeping in and enjoying a relaxed, leisurely breakfast that extends through lunch. This meal has been coined brunch and it is a wonderful way to mix two favorite meal times into one. Join us as we are spoiled by the fantastic dishes prepared by Chef Gabe Pollow.
Menu: Summer Frittatas; Poached Eggs with Hollandaise; Huevos Rancheros with Crispy Corn Arrepas; Non-Alcoholic Strawberry-Basil Spritzer
Instructor: Chef Gabe Pollow

Summer Fruits

Tues, July 21, 7 pm

Nothing screams summer like fresh, sweet fruit. Now is the time of year that melon, cherries and berries are at their prime to enjoy in everything from smoothies to fruit salads. Chef Joe Marosek will share all the wonderful ways we can enjoy this summer treat, including the perfect brandied cherries for the best Old Fashioned!
Menu: Watermelon Salad with Halloumi; Melon Soup; Strawberries & Balsamic; Berry Pudding; Brandied Cherries for the Bar; Cherry Barbecue Sauce; Cherry Pecan Brownies
Instructor: Chef Joe Marosek

Wild Edibles

Thurs, July 23, 7 pm

Take a walk on the wild side! As an avid forager, Chef Dan Spitz is well versed in finding and preparing wild edibles and will showcase his expertise by preparing delicious treats with wild mushrooms, berries, and greens. Learn safety, storage, and handling of foods found in the wild.
Menu: Wild Mushroom Bruschetta; Wild Berry Conserva; Wild Greens Salad
Instructor: Chef Dan Spitz

Knife Skills ** THIS CLASS IS FULL **

Wed, July 29, 7 pm

Minimize waste, save time, prevent accidents, and feel confident using your knives. To master proper chef knife techniques you’ll chop, mince, slice, dice, and julienne through class participation. Learn to select, care for, and properly use the most important tool in your kitchen.
Instructor: Michael Hinrichs

Super Salads

Wed, Aug 5, 7 pm

With fresh greens, vegetables, lean proteins, and simple dressings you can enjoy a light meal during the dog days of summer. We welcome Chef Ben Kozloski as he showcases how to turn side salads into more substantial, satisfying, and healthy main dishes.
Menu: Fennel Salad with Candied Walnuts; Beet Arugula Reggiano Salad; Lamb Taztziki Kale Salad; Chopped Salad
Instructor: Chef Ben Kozloski

Bread Basics***THIS CLASS IS FULL***

Tues, Aug 11, 7 pm

Wondering how to create a crisp crust and chewy crumb? Want to learn about fermentation for starters, preferment, and sourdough; the pros and cons of hand mixing versus bread machines? Then this is the class for you! Get ready for Chef Joe Marosek to capture our senses with the heavenly aroma of fresh baked bread.
Menu: Rustic Hearth Loaf; Foccacia; Techniques for Proofing, Shaping, and Baking Artisan Bread
Instructor: Chef Joe Marosek

Eat Local

Wed, Aug 19, 7 pm

Supporting local food sources is important, now more than ever. It helps keep the local economy robust and offers healthier options for you by having the freshest ingredients available. Chef Patrick Mannato will show us how to prepare outstanding meals with simple ingredients found just outside your door.
Menu: Heirloom Carrot Soup; Grilled Watermelon Salad with Roasted NY State Grape Vinaigrette; Pan-Seared Local Chicken in NY State Riesling Sauce; Painted Goat Farm Chevre Cheese Cake with Warm NY Apple Cinnamon Compote
Instructor: Chef Patrick Mannato

Breakfast Club the Sequel **THIS CLASS IS FULL**

Tues, Aug 25, 7 pm

Back by popular demand! The first meal of the day is an important one; why not make it a delicious one too? Chef Leah Stein will show us to the best way to start our day with her famous breakfast cookies, cinnamon buns, and quiche-perfect companions to your coffee, tea, or juice.
Menu: Cinnamon Buns; Breakfast Cookies; Quiche
Instructor: Chef Leah Stein

A Taste of the Islands

Thurs, Aug 27, 7 pm

Close out summer with the sun-kissed breezes of the islands. Join us as we venture through Aruba, Jamaica, St. Martin, and Hawaii. Feel the sand between your toes and enjoy the orange sunset behind the palms as Chef Patrick Mannato tempts us with a taste of the islands.Menu:
Menu: Ahi Tuna Poke with Sesame Marinade & Crispy Tempura; Le Chevre en Tarte de Pommes (Crispy Goat Cheese Tart Served with Apple Salsa); Jamaican Jerk Chicken; Caramelized Pineapple in Coconut
Instructor: Chef Patrick Mannato

Registration and Policy Information

Class sizes are limited to ensure that our participants enjoy the experience. Please sign up for our newsletter online or sign-up when you visit Spoon & Whisk to receive the list of upcoming classes via e-mail. Check our web site regularly for class updates.

  • Classes are $45.00 each, due at registration. You can register in store or by phone.
  • Most classes are demonstration style. Each class includes recipes and a tasting session.
  • Classes begin promptly at 7:00 PM, and will end at approximately 9:00 PM. Please arrive early.
  • We recommend early registration since class size is limited.
  • Students attending will receive a 10% discount on all purchases on the night of their class. (Some exclusions apply)
  • Spoon & Whisk reserves the right to substitute instructors or menu items, without prior notice.
  • In the event that a class is cancelled by Spoon & Whisk, you will receive a full refund or transfer to another available class.
  • Class fee is non-refundable, but you may give your seat away to a friend if for any reason you cannot attend.