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Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes Photos

Whatever your level of expertise in the kitchen, you will always learn something new and exciting at Spoon & Whisk´s Cooking School. We’ve earned a reputation for world-class instruction by offering culinary expertise from our talented, local award-winning chefs and instructors.

One of our cooking school goals is for you to be able to re-create at home what you learn here. We encourage you to sign up early so that you have your choice of classes. Each class includes a copy of the recipes and a meal of the foods prepared. Please review our Registration and Policy Information at the bottom of this page.

Chef Biographies

 · Chef Elizabeth Barbone · Chef Sue Hatalsky · Chef Michael Hinrichs · Chef Ben Kozloski · 
 · Chef Patrick Longton · Chef Louis Maggiore · Chef Patrick Mannato · 
 · Chef Gabriel Pollow · Chef Leah Stein · Chef Suvir Saran · 
 · Chef Hayley Miller · Chef Dan Spitz · Patti Fortuna-Stannard · 

Cooking Class Schedule

Ancient Grains

Wed, Sept 2, 7 pm

Grains such as quinoa, farro, and barley have been kitchen staples since the beginning of time. Recent focus on these ancient grains is due to the health benefits they possess such as high protein, antioxidants and, in some cases, even being gluten free. Chef Dan Spitz is back to take us on a journey through ancient times with modern culinary twists you can incorporate into your daily meals.
Menu: Farro & Seafood Salad with Mussels, Calamari, Shrimp, Lemon & Pickled Shallots; Fall Quinoa Pilaf with Sweet Corn, Thyme, Rosemary, and Sage; Harvest Barley & Garden Vegetable Soup
Instructor: Chef Dan Spitz

Oodles of Noodles

Tue, Sept 8, 7 pm

This simple food is a worldwide staple with origins tracing back to third century China! Noodles make the perfect late-night snack, give soups a bit of substance, and are fun to eat. Tonight, Chef Joe Marosek will inspire you to add flavors of the Far East to your next batch of noodles for soups and main dishes.
Menu: Classic Pho; Pad Thai; Lo Mein.
Instructor: Chef Joe Marosek

Pesto Perfecto! ***THIS CLASS IS FULL***

Thu, Sept 17, 7 pm

Think making pesto is difficult? You’ll be surprised to learn that this special sauce is one of the easiest to make for your pasta, bruschetta and more. Chef Patrick Mannato shares the wonderful flavors of traditional basil pesto as well as other unique flavors you never knew you would love!
Menu: Traditional Basil Pesto with Linguini; Grilled Portobello Bruschetta with Olive & Roasted Red Pepper Pesto; Pan-Fried Scamorza with Arugula & Two Pestos; White Chocolate Risotto Pudding with Raspberry, Chocolate, Mint & Pistachio Pesto
Instructor: Chef Patrick Mannato


Tues, Sept 22, 7 pm

Have you ever heard of this rustic French tart? After tonight’s class, you’ll be a pro at creating this free-form treasure filled with either a savory or sweet center and a lovely, crisp crust. It may be considered rustic, but it will certainly look fancy on your table! Join us as Chef Joe Marosek teaches us the art of crafting this French countryside classic.
Menu:  Cherry Tomato; Almond & Pineapple; Pear, Prosciutto, Onion, Bleu Cheese & Walnut
Instructor: Chef Joe Marosek

Garlic Lovers

Thurs, Sept 24, 7 pm

Garlic is one of the most common ingredients used to add flavor to sauces, vegetables, meats or pasta. Who would ever think this small bulb of cloves would be such an important part of our culinary world? It’s used in every culture around the world and, when paired with chopped onion, provides a solid base for many a delicious journey. Tonight Chef Ben Kozloski will share all the wonderful ways to incorporate garlic into our diet.
Menu: Garlic Confit; Compound Butter; Aglio et Olio (Oil & Garlic Pasta); Pickled Garlic; Garlic Parmesan Chicken; Garlic Bread
Instructor: Chef Ben Kozloski

Taco Tuesday

Wed, Sept 30, 7 pm

Tonight Chef Gabe Pollow will share everything tacos! Traditionally thought to be reserved for Mexican fare, tacos have come a long way to include fish, lobster, and even eggs for breakfast. Dress up your taco Tuesday with new flavor twists—nestled in either a crunchy outer shell or one that is warm and soft—to wow your friends and family.
Menu: Lobster Taco with Mango Salsa; Award-Winning Korean BBQ Taco with Napa Cabbage; Carne Asada Taco with Skirt Steak & Pico de Gallo; Banana Churro Dessert Taco
Instructor: Chef Gabe Pollow

Wild “Game Night”***THIS CLASS IS FULL***

Thurs, Oct 1, 7 pm

Are you a fan of venison, buffalo or rabbit? Many sustainable restaurants offer these menu item to their guests. Join us as the talented Chef Dan Spitz creates spectacular meals using wild game. You will be able to create masterpieces at home and order confidently when dining out.
Menu: Braised Rabbit Ragout with Riesling, Bacon, Sage & Dijon Cream over Buttered Noodles; Roasted Venison Loin with Dried Cherry; Butternut Squash Puree; Spicy Wild Boar Tacos with Pickled Onion & Kohlrabi Slaw
Instructor: Chef Dan Spitz

Perfect Pies***THIS CLASS IF FULL***

Tue, Oct 6, 7 pm

Nothing pulls at nostalgic heart strings like a freshly baked pie. From diner counters to windowsills, pie is one of those comfort foods few can pass by. Fall is the perfect time to fill our homes with the heavenly scents of apple, cinnamon, and pumpkin. Chef Leah Stein shares her technique for creating the perfect, flaky crust and filling recipes that you can enjoy plain or a la mode with your favorite ice cream.
Menu: Classic Apple Crumb Pie; Perfect Pumpkin Pie
Instructor: Chef Leah Stein

What I Ate on My Napa Vacation***THIS CLASS IS FULL***

Thur, Oct 8, 7 pm

Tonight we will be whisked away to sunny California wine country as Chef Patrick Mannato prepares his renditions of dishes enjoyed while vacationing in Napa. Come hear tales of famous restaurants, chef sightings, and winery tours as we sample the latest from our West Coast culinary favorites.
Menu: Tarla Mediterranean Grill’s Turkish Meatballs & White Chickpea Pesto; Napkins Bar and Grill’s Corn Flake & Semolina Fried Calamari; Thomas Keller’s Shepard’s Pie, Braised Black Angus Beef & Potato Duchesse with Local Craft Ale Sauce; Oenotri Restaurant’s Warm Chocolate Bundino with Olive Oil Ice Cream & Roasted Almonds
Instructor: Chef Patrick Mannato

Turkey 101

Tue, Oct 13, 7 pm

It’s time to talk turkey! Chef Joe Marosek is back to share everything you need to know to roast the perfect holiday bird. He’ll review the basics—from choosing your fresh or frozen turkey to selecting the correct size and the proper prep and basting techniques. Chef will also cover brining, how to spatchcock a turkey, carving techniques, and how to make the perfect pan gravy. You will be the envy of all your guests as you present the ultimate golden turkey feast.
Menu: Smoked Turkey Legs; Fried Turkey; Giblets; Pan Gravy
Instructor: Chef Joe Marosek

Rustic Roots

Thur, Oct 15, 7 pm

Fall is the time for root vegetables to shine! Slow roasting brings out the sweet flavors of beets, parsnips and carrots; the earthy spice of turnips, rutabaga and radishes. Enjoy them as a side dish or as part of your main course. Join us as Chef Patrick Mannato spoils us—from appetizers to dessert—with unexpected flavors sure to delight.
Menu: Roasted Root Vegetables with Bacon & Honey; Pickled Rainbow Carrots with Red Onion, Baby Greens, Smoked Bleu Cheese & Parsnip Croutons; Braised Chicken Thighs with Sweet Potato Andouille Hash; Beet Cakes with Bourbon Custard Sauce
Instructor: Chef Patrick Mannato

Homemade Pretzels
Tue, Oct 20, 7 pm

Pretzels are more than a snack wrapped in wax paper from the city street vendor or pulled from the heated carousel at the ball park. They come in all shapes, sizes, and textures including the latest trend, pretzel breads and rolls. Known for symbolizing good luck, love and prosperity, they are a treat for young and old alike. Chef Leah Stein is will show us the proper techniques for making, rolling, and shaping the dough, including creating the traditional “crossing of arms.”
Menu: Classic Soft Pretzel; Basic Snacking Pretzel
Instructor: Chef Leah Stein

Holiday Sides ***THIS CLASS IS FULL***

Thur, Oct 22, 7 pm

Every holiday table features the main course front and center, but the dishes on the periphery also make family gatherings memorable. Light fluffy mashed potatoes, scrumptious salads, vegetables cooked to perfection. Stroll down memory lane as Chef Ben Kozloski shares his family favorites. Easy, simple and non-assuming, your sides are about to become the star of your holiday table.
Menu: Hasselback Potatoes; Brussel Sprouts with Bacon & Walnuts; Creamed Spinach; Homemade Cranberry Sauce; Potatoes Au Gratin; Cornbread; Roasted Butternut Squash with Cranberries & Fennel
Instructor: Chef Ben Kozloski

Spice of India***THIS CLASS IS FULL***

Wed, Oct 28, 7 pm

Take your own “100-Foot Journey” to enjoy the wonderfully exotic tastes of India. Indian cooking is known for amazing, flavor-enhancing spice mixtures. Chef Gabe Pollow will teach you how to properly mix and “bloom” spice mixtures, make naan, and more.
Menu: Spice Mixtures; Naan; Beef Korma; Chicken Vindaloo; Havala
Instructor: Chef Gabe Pollow

Registration and Policy Information

Class sizes are limited to ensure that our participants enjoy the experience. Please sign up for our newsletter online or sign-up when you visit Spoon & Whisk to receive the list of upcoming classes via e-mail. Check our web site regularly for class updates.

  • Classes are $45.00 each, due at registration. You can register in store or by phone.
  • Most classes are demonstration style. Each class includes recipes and a tasting session.
  • Classes begin promptly at 7:00 PM, and will end at approximately 9:00 PM. Please arrive early.
  • We recommend early registration since class size is limited.
  • Students attending will receive a 10% discount on all purchases on the night of their class. (Some exclusions apply)
  • Spoon & Whisk reserves the right to substitute instructors or menu items, without prior notice.
  • In the event that a class is cancelled by Spoon & Whisk, you will receive a full refund or transfer to another available class.
  • Class fee is non-refundable, but you may give your seat away to a friend if for any reason you cannot attend.