Plug them in and let them do the work for you. Our appliances are simple to operate and will perform for years. They are a hardworking mainstay in the kitchen. We chose some of the best and most powerful small appliances manufactured.

The No Mess Classic Waffle Iron

Breville USA

Classic circular waffle maker. We elevated the subtle art of waffle making by directly addressing its only trouble spot: batter splatter. The circular moat catches and cooks excess batter, keeping it in all in play. Browning control lets you choose from light and fluffy to crispy.

Our Price: $149.95

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The Smart Waffle

Our Price: $ 219.95

The Smart Waffle

Breville USA

4-slice Waffle Maker. Turning sticky batter into golden brown goodness isnt always easy. Let the Smart Waffle do the thinking for you. Choose your waffle style, from light to dark and rest assured any overflow will get caught and cooked in the wrap around moat. No mess.

Our Price: $219.95

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