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Pizzelle with Cannoli Filling

Shopping list
Baking 4 tsp(s) Baking Powder
.5 tsp(s) Orange Extract
.5 tsp(s) Vanilla Extract
Dairy 8 oz. Butter - melted and cooled
6 Extra Large Eggs
15 oz. Whole Milk Ricotta
Dry Goods .75 cup(s) Confectioners Sugar
1.25 cup(s) Sugar
Spices & Seasoning 6 Tbsp(s) Vanilla (Yes, 6 Tablespoons!)
Pizzelle with Cannoli Filling
Submitted By:Judy
This recipe feeds:6
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We made the Pizzelles in our Chef’s Choice Pizzelle Pro Express Bake Pizzelle Maker. This Pizzelle Maker comes with a 3” dowel that we used to wrap the warm pizzelles around to form our cannoli shells. We used a .9 ounce ice cream scoop to load the pizzelle maker. Read the instructions that come with the machine and you’ll have a clear understanding of the process. We used this thicker batter for our pizzelle cannoli shells. This recipe makes approximately 7 dozen shells.

Ingredients   Instructions
1.25 cup(s) Sugar
6 Extra Large Eggs
1. Pizelles: Beat eggs in a stand mixer until frothy. Gradually add sugar to eggs and beat until the sugar is dissolved and the batter is smooth.
6 Tbsp(s) Vanilla (Yes, 6 Tablespoons!)
8 oz. Butter - melted and cooled
2. Add vanilla to the cooled butter and add both to the egg/sugar batter. Mix on low speed to incorporate.
4 tsp(s) Baking Powder
3 cup(s) Flour
3. Sift measured flour with the baking powder and add to batter in increments – mix until incorporated but do not over mix. You don’t want to develop gluten.
  4. Heat the pizzelle maker and add approximately 1 T of batter to the center of each pattern. Close cover and put a little pressure on it to flatten batter. (You don’t have to keep the pressure on while the pizzelles are baking.
  5. Each batch will take about 60 seconds with the temperature just under the 4 mark. You want them to be lightly brown but not overdone. They need to be flexible in order to roll around the dowel.
  6. Lift one at a time and roll around the dowel, hold for a few seconds and remove the dowel, place the formed shell seam side down on a baking sheet while you roll the other 2 shells. Reload the pizzelle maker and continue.
  7. You can add water a little at a time if your batter seems too thick.
.5 tsp(s) Orange Extract
.5 tsp(s) Vanilla Extract
.75 cup(s) Confectioners Sugar
15 oz. Whole Milk Ricotta
8. Cannoli Filling: we used the Viking hand mixer to beat the ricotta cheese with confectioners sugar, vanilla extract, and orange extract till light and fluffy. Place filling in a pastry bag fitted with a small star tip. Pipe filling into shells just before serving.

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