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Knife Sharpening

We put high performance edges on your cutlery.

Slice, dice, chop and mince with ease. Let our expert team put a razor-sharp edge on all your cutlery. Your newly sharpened knives will save you time and effort with your meal preparation and provide enjoyment in the kitchen.


Services Offered

  • Traditional Knife Sharpening - Our basic knife sharpening can add up to 50% to the life of a knife because it removes only as little metal as necessary to produce a sharp edge. This method creates an equal bevel on both sides of the blade resulting in a strong, precise edge.
  • Waterstone Knife Sharpening - A waterstone sharpening is gentle to the steel of your knife. The edge is continuously cooled with water during sharpening, so there is no risk that the steel will get overheated and damaged. Only a minimum amount of steel is removed so that your valuable knives will last for a long time.
  • Leather Stropping - The burr that develops during knife sharpening is removed with our leather honing wheel which polishes the edge to razor sharpness. Your cutlery will have an edge with superior sharpness that lasts longer.
  • Japanese Waterstone Finish - Our 4000 grit Japanese Waterstone delivers a mirror finish. This finishing service is ideal when a superior surface finish is desired.


You may drop off your knives for sharpening during our normal business hours. The turn-around time is a maximum of five days and we will contact you as soon as your knives are ready for pick-up. You may choose to drop off your knives in several batches to have some knives in your kitchen during this process.

All prices listed are per blade. Finishing and Repairs are all in addition to the Traditional Sharpening or Waterstone Sharpening.

Traditional Sharpening

1" - 5" blade $5.00
5+" - 10" blade $7.00
10+" - 14" blade $9.00

Waterstone Sharpening

1" - 5" blade $8.00
5+" - 10" blade $10.00
10+" - 14" blade $12.00
Leather Stropping Included


Japanese Waterstone Finish additional $5.00


Broken Tip additional $5.00
Blade Chips additional $5.00