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Mitt Micromitt™ Red Set/2

Dexas International Ltd.

Mitt Micromitt™ Red Set/2

Silicone oven mitts offer great heat protection but can be cumbersome for the user in a full oven mitt size. Dexas has an ideal alternative with small Silicone oven mitts that offer superior grip and heat protection in a smaller size that is easier to wear and maneuver. The "Micromitt" is the smallest of the small mitt options, at just 2.3 by 2.38." The Micromitt is perfect for users that want just their fingertips covered when lifting hot pots and pans. Each Micro Mitt have high-heat resistance and raised nibs are specially designed to protect hands while handling hot items. With up to 500 degrees F of heat protection, mitts are perfect for use with ovens, cookie sheets, pot lid handles, stove tops and counters.

  • The "Micro" mitt is slightly smaller than Dexas' Mini and Pinch Mitts, and measures 2.3 by 2.38"
  • Set of two micromitts, heat resistant to 500 degrees F
  • Raised nibs offer additional heat protection and grip. Mitt can stand on tips when not in use for easy access
  • Can be used right or left handed
  • Simple and easy care/cleaning: Dishwasher safe
  • Safe for use near burners and indirect heat

Our Price: $ 8.95